Turn Engagement
Into Revenue

Measure, compare, and monetize your reader engagement.

Monetize Your High- Value Inventory

Capture the signals of a highly engaged audience, measure your ad performance, and unlock revenue from your top performing ad placements.

Inform Your Advertising Strategy

Gain a deep understanding of your ad performance based on viewability and engagement metrics. Compare with sites like yours and receive pricing recommendations to power your advertising decision making.

“We use Sovrn’s Signal product to identify and target the most valuable inventory based on user engagement and ad viewability across our large publisher portfolio. Campaigns optimized based on these criteria achieve a higher CTR and very high viewability scores.”

— Hannes Modes, CTO of QuarterMedia

Upgrade Your Insights

Measure Ad Attention

See the insights that buyers see, all in a single dashboard. Understand viewability, engagement, click through rate, and cost per thousand performance by device and ad unit.

Drive 2x Attention with Engaged Time

Signal captures 45 meaningful on-page consumer interactions, which indicate user engagement.

Engaged time has been shown to deliver twice the click through rate and twice the attention compared to viewability. Dive deeper into your audience behaviors and turn engagement into revenue.

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Compare with Peers

Benchmark your CPMs against your peers on demand. See viewability, CTR, and engagement insights by country, site size, and site category to identify opportunities for site optimization.


Understand Your Inventory

Visualize key viewability and engagement metrics to assess the value of your inventory.

Make Smart Decisions

Use granular insights and compare with peers to adjust your advertising strategy.

Increase Advertising Revenue

Unlock earnings from buyers seeking high-quality and highly engaged audiences.

90-Day Signal Performance Study

We tracked 2 billion impressions over 90 days to understand exactly how implementing Signal affects your ad performance.

How Signal Works

01 Collect

Implement Signal technology across your site with a single line of code and start seeing viewability and engagement insights instantly.

02 Connect

Compare your advertising performance against the market.

03 Activate

Leverage the insights to adapt your pricing and package your inventory into targetable deals.

04 See Results

Increase your average revenue per user

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