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The bad guys are getting better. So are we.

sovrnmarketing // May 1, 2019

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve added the power of White Ops fraud protection to our programmatic exchange.

At Sovrn, we’ve always been industry leaders in the fight against fraud. We’re one of two exchanges specializing in display to achieve TAG Platinum status for certification against fraud, piracy, malware, and inventory quality. Our invalid traffic rates are among the lowest of any major supply side platform.

However, we also recognize that in this industry you can’t rest on your laurels, and that ad fraud becomes more sophisticated every day. That’s why every bid request we submit to demand partners is now inspected, audited, and certified by White Ops to prevent fraud.

White Ops is the industry leader in accurately detecting and preventing sophisticated ad fraud schemes. Their advanced technology deeply investigates individual impressions to shine a light on even the most evasive bots. This means the best fraud protection in the industry for Sovrn advertisers and publishers.

This new level of protection strengthens our already robust site quality evaluation. Every domain that applies to our exchange goes through a 25-step audit by two humans. Then we use best-in-class, accredited inventory quality vendors—Integral Ad Science, Pixalate, SimilarWeb, Adloox and now White Ops—to protect brands and their ad spend. This ensures all Sovrn publishers add measurable value to our demand partners—offering engaged audiences, authentic content, and viewable ad layouts—with fewer brand safety risks.

Fighting ad fraud is a never-ending battle, but it’s a necessary one. Bad actors in our industry are constantly getting better, but so are we.

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