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The Sun Is Setting on the Lijit Search Wijit

sovrnmarketing // October 23, 2015 search widget sunset

It’s the end of an era! On October 31st, we will be laying to rest the the Lijit Search Wijit. The search Wijit is what got us started and it is with a bit of melancholy we sunset it The Wijit has been in need of some  updates and upgrades  On site search has changed a lot since we first launched the Wijit. Frankly there are options for publishers now that are just as good and in some cases better. We felt it was time to focus on bigger and better website and monetization tools for our publishers.

We don’t want to leave you high and dry, so here are two awesome site search tools that we recommend for your search functionality moving forward:

  • Google Custom Search – this free search box tool from Google is easy to install and brings the power of Google search right to your website
  • SearchWP – this WordPress plugin is a favorite search solution for WordPress websites because of its easy installation, extensive documentation and customizability

With the sunset of the Search Wijit also comes the sunset of Wijit reporting and the Weekly Stats email. If you still want to get the most out of audience and traffic reporting capabilities (and make some cash to boot), we recommend sovrn ad tags on your website.

As always, feel free to reach out to our Support team with questions at anytime.

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