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Utilizing SnapChat Marketing to Promote Your Brand

sovrnmarketing // April 3, 2014

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Have you jumped on the SnapChat bandwagon yet? At 400 million “snaps” a day according to Business Insider, SnapChat sees more daily photos than Facebook, and has helped to create opportunities for businesses to communicate with consumers in a new and innovative way.  With the photo-messaging application, users can take photos, and record videos to send to a controlled list of people for a set time limit. Once the time is up, the photos are deleted. Human interaction is a key-factor for developing brand loyalty and, for SnapChat users, the appeal comes with the sense of personal connection. This connection occurs because each message is sent directly to the user through the app, and does not rely on belonging to a huge social network. SnapChat has also become a powerful tool to reach millennial consumers.

The first recorded SnapChat promotion took place in January 2013, and was done by 16 Handles. The three-step promotion worked like this:

  • The customer would first visit a 16 Handles location and take a picture while tasting any of their flavors.
  • The customer would send the picture to the 16 Handles SnapChat account, and 16 Handles would snap back a coupon (customers could not view the coupon until they were ready to pay because the coupon would disappear after 10 seconds).
  • Once the customer filled up a cup with their favorite yogurt and toppings, they would head to the cashier where they would view and redeem their coupon.

So, how can SnapChat provide a lift for your brand? Here are some suggestions to get started.
Are you running a giveaway on your site? Try sending snaps to your followers featuring clues or tips that they must gather to receive a prize.  You can utilize Twitter and Facebook to promote the contest as well as using social media to gather participants.
Are you hosting an event? Encourage your followers to snap pictures or take videos from the venue.  If they send you the snap, it will allow you to obtain feedback from your followers on their experience, and will encourage users to share their experiences through other social media channels.
Building Buzz
If you have a new book coming out, a product in the midst of production or a fun project in the works, SnapChat is a great way to provide sneak peaks and behind the scenes access to what is going on. Everyone loves to be the first to know!
Brand Gamification
For time-sensitive campaigns, SnapChat is perfect.  Interested in sending your followers on an adventure leading up to a specific event? The snaps you send can eventually take your followers to a more brand-permanent destination through a scavenger hunt that a user must complete in order to gain access.
SnapChat is a great option for creating a two-way conversation with your followers whether you are targeting a new audience, or adding variety to your current social strategy. To build a following through this medium requires commitment, but it can be a fun and incredibly creative means of engagement!
Written by sovrn’s Marketing Coordinator, Samantha Haltman

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