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Want Supply Path Optimization? Choose Sovrn.

sovrnmarketing // October 18, 2019

Sovrn is a leader in providing advertisers with direct paths to publishers at scale

This week, Jounce Media released their SPO Fact Pack. Jounce crawled more than 100,000 ads.txt files and 150 sellers.json files to get a better understanding of the size and directness of widely-deployed advertising exchanges. The goal of the report  is to give media buyers the facts they need to make data-driven decisions when it comes to supply path optimization (SPO).

Can we be direct with you?

Looking at the results, we’re proud of our publisher supply team for building one of the largest and most direct programmatic advertising exchanges. 

direct publisher integrations and supply path optimization with Sovrn (SPO)

When it comes to scale, Sovrn covers more than 40% of advertising-supported websites.

More importantly, more than 86% of our publisher integrations are direct. That’s significantly higher than any other exchange of our size, and any other exchange focused on delivering scale in mobile and desktop display. 

direct publisher integrations and supply path optimization with Sovrn (SPO)

What this means for advertisers

If advertisers want scale with direct path to supply, Sovrn is an ideal partner. We curate the best supply on the web, vet it for brand safety, and then deliver direct paths to publishers. DSPs and agencies are placing more importance everyday on finding the most direct and efficient paths to quality inventory. Working with Sovrn makes supply path optimization easy. 

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