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Watchers on the Wall Doubles Revenue with Sovrn

sovrnmarketing // December 6, 2016

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Watchers on the Wall, a prominent Game of Thrones news site, has nearly doubled their advertising revenue since working with Sovrn.

“Depending on the month, we earn anywhere between 70 and 100% more than we did with AdSense alone,” says Oz, co-founder of

Oz and a group of fellow writers founded Watchers on the Wall back in 2014 out of their passion for Game of Thrones. “We all came from another site that was undergoing transformations that no longer seemed focused on the most important variable… the fans.”

Oz’s overall monetization goal is to maximize revenue without hurting user experience. “Our goal in creating the site was to keep the ads to a minimum. Sovrn’s ads run really quickly and are customizable to your site. I also haven’t had a problem with inappropriate ads and I appreciate that.”

Watchers on the Wall hasn’t just seen great results with Sovrn in terms of performance – Oz has also enjoyed working with the Sovrn team.

“Your team makes adding advertising on a site extremely easy and your response time with issues is always fast. I really have nothing but good things to say about Sovrn.”

As far as next steps, Oz is willing to implement any kind of advertising that doesn’t hurt user experience. “We just launched as well, and I’m always looking for ways to monetize both sites further. I just have to make sure that those ads are not intrusive. Clicking through ads may be a great way to double or triple your revenue, but it goes against the fundamental reason we started the site in the first place. I think our policy is the reason we have such a high number of readers that visit and regularly return to Watchers on the Wall.”

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