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Webinar: 5X Growth w/ Paid Social Media

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // February 8, 2016

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Expand your reach, amplify your message and increase your ROI with paid social media strategies.

As organic social decreases in visibility, publishers are diving deeper into paid social to build traffic. Learn from our in-house paid social expert, Kenzie Rodriguez and paid social consultant, Alexandra Legrant, as they teach strategies to build your presence, track and optimize goal conversions, and integrate paid campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Specifically, watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • How to build targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram’s Ad Manager that achieve your site objectives
  • How to pick right-sized budget that meets your goals – from as little as $50/month!
  • Technical steps to correctly set up, track and measure your campaigns
  • Audience targeting and retargeting strategies Best practices and optimization techniques for designing powerful ad creatives and copy

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