Webinar Recording: How to Build Your Site’s Influence and Make Money

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // August 31, 2015

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How to Build Your Site’s Influence and Make Money

We’re partnered with tapinfluence to cover our favorite topic: How to build your sites’ influence and make money blogging 

Learn best practices to make money blogging with influencer content and digital advertising. Join Ashley Fleckenstein (a Sovrn Publisher Advocate and blogger) from the blog Ashley Goes Abroad, Julianna Vorhaus, Director of Influencer Development at Tapinfluence and Celesta Howe, Community Manager at Sovrn as they reveal top strategies to build your influence and money from your content. Each facilitator has a unique perspective when it comes to everyone’s favorite topic:  how to make money blogging. Through each section of our this sovrnar, you will gain actionable datapoints to help you with your content and revenue strategies.

Watch this webinar recording to:

  • Gain insights on how to make money blogging with sponsored posts and ad revenue
  • Use 3 methodologies for creating the best sponsored content
  • Learn 3 best practices to grow your ad revenue including how to determine your fill and price floor sweet spot



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