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What's So Important About a Website Privacy Policy?

sovrnmarketing // April 3, 2014

website privacy policy

Having a comprehensive website privacy policy is a must. As you build relationships with your readers, it is important to let them know what information you gather, how that information is used, and who will have access to it. You may ask, “What if my site does not collect data from my readers?” That’s a very good question, but even if you don’t, they won’t know that unless you make the point clear through your privacy policy.
There are some basic guidelines you should keep in mind when writing the privacy policy for your blog to ensure all pertinent information is included.

  1. User-friendly. Write your privacy policy in a language that is easy to read and understand.
  2. Collection of personal data. Explain what information is being collected and why. Be sure to include how it is collected as well (cookies, sign-ups, clicks, etc.)
  3. Third-party partners. If you are sharing information with a third-party, be clear about what you are sharing and why. Also make sure to include links to their websites.
  4. Storing information. How do you store the information you collect? Include the name of the provider you use to securely store the data of your readers. Give readers the option of verifying, correcting, changing or removing personal registration information.
  5. Opt-out. Make sure to provide your readers with an easy way to opt-out of future communications.
  6. There may be changes. Inform your readers that your policy will be updated periodically, and let them know how you plan to communicate such changes.

While you can utilize a privacy policy generator, you may find that your readers will respond in a more positive manner to one that is original and written in your own words. Here are some examples from our publishers Closet CookingUrban Fonts, and NY Daily News.
Written by sovrn’s Marketing Coordinator, Samantha Haltman

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