What Does Winning Look Like to a Publisher?

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // May 10, 2017

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I’m embarking on a journey. I’ve been in ad operations for over 20 years with 8 of them at AdMonsters and I’ve talked with people across the ecosystem regarding the most tactical of topics to the most strategic. But lately, my mind has been focused on what the end goal is for those of us in the digital media space.

Obviously, to a brand advertiser success is selling more products or services or becoming a household name. For agencies, it’s all about the clients.

But what does winning look like to a publisher? Sure, it’s all about revenues and profits at the end of the day, but the balance of meeting the needs of their audience with the needs of their advertisers is particularly tough. Without balance, you’ll lose the audience, the advertisers or both.

“What does winning look like to publishers?” isn’t a singular question. It’s a kickoff point to a bigger conversation. What winning even means will vary from publisher to publisher and across roles in a company. But it’s something I think we should all explore.

I don’t have the answers, nor does Sovrn who has decided to help support this journey. We discussed blog posts, videos, podcasts and I think it’s likely I’ll use some of these formats on my journey. But before we hit the record button, I’d like to see if we can try to create a conversation and I’d like to experiment using the Sovrn forums to host that conversation.

I think this conversation is particularly important to those in ad operations and programmatic roles. Starting to think above the day-to-day is how careers are started. I know that’s true for myself. The conversation and the ideas we explore will reveal new ideas about what we should be trying to achieve.

The more ideas we explore the more likely we’ll unlock something that will help us all succeed and ultimately win… whatever that means.

I’ll be posing some questions on the forum, testing ideas out and will try to draw out some new points of view. This isn’t just a conversation for ad operations people – in fact I encourage you to ask people in other roles in your organization to join in.

My hope? We find some common language by which to talk about what winning looks like and we all start to reap the benefits of new ideas and clarity.

So join us in the forum and let’s see what we come up with!

Rob Beeler
Chairman of AdMonsters
Founder of Beeler.Tech

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