Market Insights

Understand how your monetization strategy compares to the market.

Powered by the Sovrn Data Collective.

See trends and insights into what content audiences are consuming as compared to what advertisers buy.

Take a deep dive into the relationships between consumer purchases compared to what merchants pay for affiliate links.

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Smarter insights, better decisions

A greater understanding of how your content performs against the market and your peers — whether in ad spend or commerce links — leads to better decision making.

And while market factors such as seasonality cause the biggest fluctuations in revenue realization for publishers, there are few publicly available resources to gauge if positive or negative changes are specific to them, or are a symptom of the wider market.

We aim to close this gap with data insights from the Sovrn Data Collective that compare supply and demand factors and demonstrate their relationship at various points in time.


We compiled data from a statistically relevant sample of global sites (category, site size, visitor behavior) encompassing a core group of the 6,000 publishers that work with Sovrn today.

Aggregate supply and demand data is then converted into a daily index score from zero to 100, with 100 being the highest day in the given range. Data is updated weekly.