How Do I Know When My Site Is Ready for Display Sovrn Advertising?

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Originally published on BuildYourBlogConference on February 20, 2015. Publishers who are invested in their websites often wonder when (and if) they should start advertising, and if so, what kind of advertising. While there are many different options for website monetization, this piece will focus on one of the most manageable and widely used method: display […]

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Bad Ads Range From Annoying to Dangerous

Bad Ads

Originally published on ClickZ on February 20, 2015. Growth in the digital publishing industry leaves the door open for ad fraud, which can vary from simply annoying to very dangerous for advertisers and users alike. The growth of real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic exchanges has benefited advertisers and publishers alike. Advertisers can target readers with […]

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How To: Create Ad Tags in Meridian

Create Ad Tags in Meridian

Welcome to Sovrn. We’re so happy to have you. Outlined below is your guide on how to create ad tags and set price floors in meridian. meridian is Sovrn’s publisher platform built to provide real-time analytics and allow publishers to make better-informed decisions about their website monetization. Through meridian, publishers gain unique audience insights, in-depth […]

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Fighting Bad Ads: Locating Campaign ID

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If you encounter an unwanted creative on your website and want it removed, here are the steps you should follow: 1. Start up an “Inspector Tool” For Google Chrome, use “Developer Tools”, which can be activated by hitting f12, ctrl+shift+i, or clicking the settings menu in the upper right, clicking tools and selecting Developer Tools. […]

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