TCF 2.0: what publishers need to know

What publishers need to know about TCF 2.0 IAB compliance for GDPR

In our most recent episode of Publisher’s Corner, Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe, discusses everything publishers need to know about the upcoming update to the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). If you need a quick primer on how TCF 2.0 enables publishers and their partners to meet European data protection law, the first […]

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4 ad ops tips to grow revenue during COVID-19

4 ad ops tips revenue tips for publishers navigating COVID-19

CPMs took a big hit with the onset of COVID-19 at the end of Q1. Recovery has been limited or extremely slow, and many publishers have seen a spike in traffic that they haven’t been able to turn into revenue. While there are a range of additional—and viable—monetization strategies (such as eCommerce and Newsletters) to […]

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Improving your commerce content workflow

If you’ve ever written commerce content or led an affiliate marketing strategy, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of link-building. Not only do you need to write compelling content, you need to discover and share products that suit your audience on top of juggling affiliate networks and commission rates. Publishers who are new to eCommerce […]

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