How to write a product review: a guide for affiliate marketers

product review guide for affiliate marketers

Product reviews are at the core of many publishers’ commerce strategy, and this guide will help you start writing (and affiliating) high-converting reviews quickly. And while reviews come in many flavors—the personal, the white-hat, the brief, the in-depth—every great product review answers the following questions for the reader: What is the product? What are its […]

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Harnessing First-Party Data: Lessons for Publishers

Sovrn Harness the Power of First Party Data

Unlike third-party cookies, first-party data (information that consumers have directly given a publisher on a single domain) can help tell a more complete story about who your readers are: their interests, their behaviors, and why they are visiting your website. Common ways for publishers to get first-party data include subscription sign-ups and/or registrations (name, email, […]

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