#asksovrn: What Ad Sizes for Websites Get the Highest CPM?

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // October 6, 2015

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In this episode of #asksovrn we answer “What Ad Size Gets the Highest CPM?”

#QOTD – What ad size yields you the highest CPM?

Ashley and Maggie, two Sovrn Publisher Advocates, run through sovrn’s top five ad sizes and their average CPM. They’ll give you the top performing ad size and why this ad size brings in the big bucks. Next they cover  newer ad types that have lower CPM’s and how they are going to rise based on increasing demand by our advertisers. Use these insights to compare with your existing ad strategy, help with a new site or webpage and revise your ad strategy based upon what you should be obtaining for your ad’s performance. Do you have a 728X90 below the comments box? You may want to add one!

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