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Supercharge Your Commerce Revenue with Real-Time Analytics

Sovrn Commerce Team // November 15, 2022

As a commerce-focused publisher, having accurate, timely performance data is critical to optimizing your strategy — and maximizing affiliate revenue. In order to quickly pivot and make split-second decisions about what is and isn’t working, deliver what readers want, and see all your revenue opportunities in one stream, you need a way to easily access data and analytics in real time. 

With the right data, you can answer questions like:

  • Which products are selling best?
  • Which brands are resonating with my audience?
  • Which page placements are most effective?
  • How many sales has my affiliate program delivered in the past week/month?
  • How much affiliate revenue have I earned in this week/month?
  • Which affiliate links are driving the most revenue? 
  • Have my audience’s preferences changed over time?

But mining mountains of data across multiple platforms to nimbly optimize is easier said than done for most affiliate commerce publishers. And lengthy delays to adapt often mean missing out on the best deals, because affiliate rates and marketing budgets can change quickly.

Get performance insights in an instant

When you log in to Sovrn Commerce, you’ll now have access to performance data in near-real time through our updated analytics dashboard, including:

  • Clicks and page views within moments of when they occur
  • Revenue data within one hour of the earning event
  • Consolidated merchant earnings

Only Sovrn can provide this level of immediate commerce data reporting, compared to the industry average of a full day or more for most commerce reporting tools. 

Take action with timely performance data

With real-time performance insights at your fingertips, you’ll be better equipped to optimize your commerce strategy and make smart decisions for the future. Here are just a few ways you can leverage this new data:

  • Compare performance in real time. See which retailers or products resonate better with your audience to help improve merchant and product selection. Analyze which links drive the most clicks to optimize content layout and link placement.
  • Conduct side-by-side experiments. Set up tests to get immediate insights into audience preferences, then adjust your content strategy based on the results.
  • Estimate earnings more accurately. Revenue data is available within one hour, so you’ll always know how much you’re going to earn — and which merchants and products are the best source of revenue.

Maximize your affiliate earnings with Sovrn

Sovrn Commerce is the fastest, most flexible way to earn with affiliate marketing. Our industry-leading analytics capabilities are just one example of the many ways we can help you optimize your affiliate strategy. Check out these articles to discover how Sovrn Commerce can help you maximize your affiliate revenue:

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