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Data Enrichment Makes the Most of Your Audience

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // December 7, 2021

As the clock ticks down to the end of third-party cookies, publishers around the world are seeking practical, scalable solutions now to enhance their audience data and demonstrate value to advertisers. 

The question everyone seems to be asking is how?

One answer is data enrichment, which offers a way for publishers to supplement their first-party data with second- and third-party data to increase its value to advertisers.

Our new eBook, “Three Ways Publishers Can Profit from Data Enrichment,” explores how data enrichment can help solve the “identity crisis” publishers face starting in 2023 and how they can tap into the benefits it provides for both publishers and advertisers, today. 

At Sovrn, our approach to the identity challenge is three-fold:

1. Know your audience.

Monetizing audience data requires deep insights into visitor behavior and engagement benchmarks. An SSP like Sovrn can help supplement unauthenticated first-party data and enhance your visitor profiles – for example, by linking your site data to hashed emails, mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs), and other external insights. 

2. Segment your data.

The more attributes you can attach to each profile the more opportunities you have to create audience segments. Your data enrichment partner can help you create segments so advertisers can target specific portions of your audience to increase the relevance of each ad.

3. Package audience data for advertisers.

A data enrichment provider like Sovrn can integrate validated data from a variety of sources – from both inside and outside your site – making your site visitors a far more valuable audience for advertisers to target. Sovrn is the first SSP to test prebid seller-defined audiences – which means we’re using publishers’ first-party segmentation data to enrich bid requests.

Why is Data Enrichment so important?

Ad buyers are losing their primary means of assessing audience value for pricing and bidding. But bids based on publisher data alone can be risky, because it’s often not clear how audience segments are created and whether the data comes from reliable sources. Enriching your data with Sovrn addresses many of these concerns, by increasing the proportion of authenticated traffic by up to 10x (from 2-5% to 15-20%).

Being able to target specific audiences enables marketers to improve campaign performance and increase return on ad spend, boosting the value of a publisher’s ad inventory and driving higher bids. Additionally, data analytics tools like Sovrn Signal can enable publishers to create more sophisticated visitor models using the enriched data. These models help advertisers understand how visitors navigate the publisher’s web pages, how they interact with social media content, and their interests.

Ready to Get Started? Let Sovrn Help.

Data enrichment is one important way for publishers to demonstrate audience value to advertisers and get out in front of a post-cookie world. Now is the time to work with an experienced partner like Sovrn to help with the heavy lifting, including:

  • Digging into your data to uncover key insights and start building your first-party data lake 
  • Enriching your first-party data with off-domain insights and scaling your authenticated traffic 
  • Packaging up your audience for advertisers using commercial intent data from our affiliate network for better segmentation. 

Start by downloading our new data enrichment ebook, “Three Ways Publishers Can Profit from Data Enrichment.” Then contact us at to learn how our solutions can help ease your transition to a world without cookies.

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