Dubious Practices: Multiple Bid Requests

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // February 21, 2017

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Right ways and wrong ways to increase the value of your audience

Publishers create content to tell stories, ignite passions and engage an audience. When done well, the rewards for publishers can be great. We believe publishers should get the highest value possible for the content they have created and the audience they have cultivated.

Driving increased value in the form of higher CPM’s can be achieved through a myriad of ways. Two examples of the right way to do this are one, create high-quality content and engage readers that attract high-quality, higher paying, advertisers.

Two, use data insights to understand the worth of a visitor. Header Bidding has brought with it a trove of data such as bidder performance by domain, page or zone-level. Publishers can use these new insights to better inform their audience value.

There are other approaches to driving increased CPM’s, however, that we believe to be short-sited and wrong.

A dubious practice we are aware of is multiple bid requests for the same reader. Sovrn does not employ any tactics that would send our demand side partners multiple bid requests for the same impression opportunity. We do not utilize such tactics, and the Sovrn system does not have any technology or means to create multiple bid requests for the same reader, same placement, and size on the same page URL.

We go to great lengths to ensure our publishing partners are not engaged in this type of activity, and we have systems in place to detect such behavior. Any publisher working with Sovrn who is sending independent bid requests for the same user, same ad placement, and size on the same domain is in violation of our terms and conditions. We will remove publishers engaged in this type of behavior from the Sovrn exchange when identified.

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