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ICYMI: Filling the Identity Gap (ID5 Identity 2023)

Sovrn Advertising Team // February 2, 2023

2023 promises to be a challenging year in the programmatic space, as the cookieless rubber finally meets the road. What options do publishers have to meet ad buyers’ requirements for addressability at scale, and how do we ensure that stakeholders across the ecosystem are working together toward the right solution?

Recently, our own Peter Cunha, Managing Director of Sovrn Ad Management, dug into these timely topics at ID5’s Identity 2023 conference. He partnered with Justin Wohl, Chief Revenue Officer at, to host a session titled, “How Publishers Can Fill the Identity Gap.”

Key insights from their conversation include:

  • In general, advertisers are working with smaller budgets this year — and they require new data tools to activate those budgets effectively.
  • Scalability is an ongoing challenge with many possible solutions, but universal IDs appear to offer significant potential value.
  • Publishers have an opportunity to take control by creating data-driven audience segments based on first party-data, observed reader behavior, and more.
  • Adoption of universal IDs is growing, and the market is consolidating behind a few primary vendors.
  • While there is no “silver bullet” solution to the addressability problem, publishers should stay agile and be willing to experiment as the situation evolves.

Addressability benefits of Signal + ID5

In late 2022, Sovrn and ID5 tested the efficacy of combining Sovrn Signal and the ID5 universal ID to deliver privacy-safe solutions for enriching and segmenting first-party data. In the study, permissioned first-party data from the Sovrn Data Collective was linked to an ID5 ID on each applicable user visit, then passed to buyers for evaluable. Results showed that using Signal plus the ID5 ID allowed publishers to realize nearly 2x lift in CPMs.

Watch the full session from ID5 Identity 2023 for more data and insights on filling the identity gap. Then download the case study to learn more about the power of Signal plus ID5 universal IDs.

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