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Sovrn and ID5: Addressability at Scale

Sovrn Communications // September 21, 2022

Today, more than 40% of the web is cookieless and not addressable. Regardless of Google’s plans for deprecating third-party cookies — whether in 2024 or beyond — regulatory and privacy pressures are removing the ability for publishers and advertisers to accurately target their most valuable consumers.

This presents an opportunity for publishers to better communicate the value and identity of their audiences to buyers and to better control how audiences are valued. The challenge is that most open web publishers today do not have the capacity to leverage their own data assets.

To address this gap, Sovrn and its partner ID5, a market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, tested the efficacy of Sovrn Signal plus the ID5 ID to deliver privacy-safe solutions publishers can use to enrich and segment their first-party data. Results released this week show that using Signal plus the ID5 ID can unlock a near two times greater lift in CPMs.

“Advertisers are excited about using attention to measure effectiveness, but they’re confused by all the different definitions being used in the market. The risk is that this confusion will lead to them not using attention as a metric and not taking advantage of the insights it can offer.”

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A Smarter Data Feed

Sovrn Signal linked permissioned, first-party data from the Sovrn Data Collective on each applicable user visit to an ID5 ID, which was then passed to buyers for evaluation. Publishers could also use the same Signal infrastructure to securely broadcast a bid request, in real-time to any SSP, enriched with:

  • Viewability, attention, and CTR prediction scores
  • Available deterministic attributes, including HEM, MAID, 3PC, and offline data
  • An applicable floor price
  • Interest, intent, and demographic user segments
  • Eligible deal segments

The Signal difference

By using Signal to tap the power of the Sovrn Data Collective, publishers using a first-party identifier can enrich and segment their first-party data, benchmark ad performance against other publishers in the collective, link hashed emails, and append Sovrn’s full event stream. 

And, Sovrn Signal provides robust analytics capabilities that make it easy to track ad performance and benchmark your ad inventory performance against the market. Effective optimization of your ad strategy requires the ability to evaluate ad quality, monitor trends, and recognize potential problems.

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Get started with Signal today

Publishers using Prebid can request free access to Signal to unlock, in a cookieless-environment, greater on-page attention and engagement to effectively segment and scale inventory and audience segments. They can then broadcast enhanced impression information and price recommendations to buyers through Sovrn’s Ad Exchange private marketplace to increase CPM value. In addition, publishers using Signal can tap real-time insights to benchmark how their ad inventory CPM compares to the market, adjust their pricing strategy accordingly and drive greater revenue per user visit. 

The world of online advertising has reached a pivotal moment, with a unique opportunity for advertisers and publishers to join forces and unlock new solutions that will benefit everyone involved. Sovrn Signal gives publishers a simple, scalable way to measure user attention, access deep audience insights, deliver the data buyers need to target high-value audience segments, and maximize inventory value. 

Sovrn Signal delivers a simple, scalable way to measure user attention, analyze ad performance, and access deep insights to maximize the value of your ad inventory. To learn more, visit the Signal page on our website or send an email to Our team will be happy to demonstrate how Signal can work for you.

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