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GAM Outage? No problem for Sovrn Ad Management customers

Sovrn Advertising Team // December 14, 2022

If your monetization strategy relies on advertising, you’re probably aware of the widespread outage suffered by Google Ad Manager (GAM) on Thursday, December 8. At approximately 7:08 pm ET, a bug was inadvertently introduced that impacted Google Ad Manager’s ability to process ad requests and therefore serve ads.

With the bug impacting delivery for more than three hours during the busy holiday shopping season, it’s hard to fathom the worldwide economic impact. GAM is used by some of the largest publishers in the world.

For Sovrn Ad Management customers, however, the story was much brighter.

Sovrn response preserves publisher ad revenue

Sovrn Ad Management actively monitors ad impressions and revenue for our customers in real time. So when ad serving went down at Google, our systems alerted us to the problem and our expert teams went to work on implementing a solution. 

Rather than continuing to deliver ads through GAM, we disabled ad requests through Google and instead served programmatic ads directly from the winning bidder using our proprietary wrapper. For nearly half of the GAM outage period, Sovrn Ad Management customers were among the minority of web publishers that were successfully delivering display ads to their visitors.

Get the help you need in a crisis—and beyond

Fortunately breakdowns like this one are rare. But an expert partner can make your ad operations simpler—and more profitable—under everyday conditions as well. Sovrn Ad Management is the partner you need to maximize ad revenue and minimize headaches. 

  • Technical and strategic expertise
    Sovrn Ad Management gives you access to advertising pros who understand the programmatic world inside and out. Our team has the expertise to audit your site, optimize your ad units and monetization strategy, and maximize performance—so you never have to get bogged down in technical details.
  • Advanced technology
    Our proprietary wrapper makes more efficient use of bid requests and responses, with a unified auction that incorporates display, video, and native formats to maximize yield.
  • Deep analytics and reporting
    Without a dedicated ad ops partner, few publishers have the ability to generate critical insights into ad performance. Sovrn Ad Management provides rich dashboards and real-time reporting—so you never have to guess what’s working and what’s not.
  • More ROI with less effort
    Our expert team can help you find those small but critical opportunities to increase ad revenue. And our volume-based pricing offers a more equitable model for publishers, compared to ad ops providers that take a cut of your ad revenue off the top. With Sovrn, you can generate more revenue and keep more of what you earn!

There’s no denying that Google is a major player in the online advertising industry. You can’t become an ad ops expert without deep knowledge of Google’s advertising platform and tools — things like Google Ad Manager, AdSense, Ad Exchange, and more. They’ve even created a program, Google Certified Publishing Partners, to recognize companies that support publishers in their monetization efforts. These trusted vendors, which includes Sovrn, have completed rigorous assessments to prove their expertise with Google products and solutions.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Sovrn Ad Management also has access to exclusive tools and products to help publishers maximize their income potential. Certified Partners get the scoop on Google’s product roadmap and new feature releases, along with customized training and technical support so we can provide better service to our customers. 

Get started today!

At Sovrn, we’re dedicated to helping publishers thrive in an unpredictable world. Sovrn Ad Management provides unmatched technology and an expert team to help you earn more revenue while reducing overhead costs. When you leave the details to us, you have more time to focus on what matters most: creating great content.

To learn more about how Sovrn Ad Management takes the complexity out of ad ops, contact us at

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