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Sovrn Commerce Team // May 8, 2023

Analyzing your affiliate performance should be simple and efficient — no matter how complex your commerce strategy. With the latest Sovrn Commerce release, you now have an easy way to access critical performance data, using saved analytics views and bookmarked URLs to improve workflows and enable real-time collaboration. 

Introducing Deep Linking

As a busy publisher, you need performance data at your fingertips, without repetitive filtering processes every time you log in. That’s why we implemented  a new way to access analytics in the Sovrn Commerce platform — Deep Linking.

Deep Linking lets you return to your preferred views at any time, saving time and simplifying your experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply log into the Sovrn Commerce platform.
  • Go to Analytics in the sidebar navigation and select either “Overview” or “Revenue.”
  • Add filters to create your preferred view, either by clicking a tab in the chart or table  or using the “Filters” button in the header. For example, you can filter data by:
    Site, Time frame, Merchant, Commerce product, Program type (CPA/CPC)
  • When you’re finished creating filters, press “Apply.”
  • Your filtered data will be displayed in the dashboard. In addition, the filters will be reflected in the unique site URL.
  • You can now bookmark your filtered performance view, or copy and share the URL with others.

Watch how: 👇

Our new Deep Linking feature lets you save time by resuming your analytics journey exactly where you want to, any time you log in. It’s especially useful for large publishers with many sites and multiple collaborators, as you can now create a filtered view of performance for each individual site or metric. Then simply bookmark each view to see individual site performance at any time.

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