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Introducing Sovrn Signal and Sovrn Connect

webhank // February 5, 2019

Sovrn Signal Connect Viewability Products
New names. New possibilities. An even brighter future.

It’s hard to be a storyteller. It’s harder than ever to capture and hold on to people’s attention, to get them to engage. That’s why we build products that reward you for the work you’ve done in building your dedicated audience, and make it easier for you to run your business so that you can focus on creating more great content.

We debuted VET (Viewable Engaged Time), our industry-leading viewability solution, in 2016. We followed that with OneTag in 2018, our single-tag delivery system that gives you access to a package of industry-leading ad products in a single line of code. Since then, we’ve grown these products, their capabilities, and our plans for them. These original names—VET and OneTag—no longer fit what we’d created. Our products had become too big, too important, and the existing names didn’t reflect that growth.

So we changed them.

We’re proud to introduce Signal, replacing VET, and Connect

  • They’re simpler and more human, because we believe in the importance of connecting with our very human customers.
  • They’re forward-looking, because we’re looking forward to adding more and more functionality to the products we offer already.
  • They’re more accurate, because they better describe what each product does.
    • Signal (formerly VET) tracks engagement signals and uses them to maximize the value of every one of your unique visitors.
    • Connect (formerly OneTag) brings you together with the pulse of the industry, simplifies a complex world, and delivers the Sovrn products that help you thrive.

As of today, you’ll see these new names everywhere: on our website, in our product documentation, across The Sovrn Platform, and in discussions with our team members. Similarly, the old names have been retired.

Don’t worry: these changes won’t alter any of your existing product implementations. Signal and Connect still have all of the same functionality they’ve always had. Think of these new names as a demonstration of our commitment to improving our products and services.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll tell you more about what these products can do for you. For now, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.
We’re excited about what the future holds. You should be, too.

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