OnScroll Benefits


In view

Serve ads only when there's a
verified viewable opportunity


Create additional revenue by
monetizing whitespace

Optimize below-the-fold

Ad new viewable inventory
to whitespace below the fold

Dynamic ad

Serve ads dynamically, rather than
a fixed template of ads per page

Viewability is the future

  • Space
    Sovrn OnScroll ads serve only when they are in view and track viewer engagement to boost CPM.

The Latest in Viewability

How Viewable Ads Work

Monetize Your Engaged Readers Gain access to more spend, without sacrificing your user experience, by showing advertisers your users are engaged with your content....

Building Engagement into New Advertising Technology

Viewability and reload ads have been around for a while, but bringing engagement into the mix is an entirely new concept for advertisers and...

Ad Serving Options for Higher Revenue

It’s no secret that publishers work day in and day out optimizing their ad serving options to monetize their content. However, as the industry...


Viewable Engaged Time

Know how your readers are interacting with your site and for how long, so you can sell your highly engaged, viewable inventory to buyers at a premium. You can even create additional ad opportunities after every 30 seconds of Viewable Engaged Time, generating multiple impressions per pageview.


Sticky InView Ads

Put your whitespace to work with sticky ads. When your readers are absorbed in a killer article or trying out a new recipe, these smart ads lock in place and scroll along with the reader to boost viewability and time in view.


InView Ad Units

As viewability improves on your site, you make more money. When your ads yield more, you can have fewer ads on your site. That's a win-win for all of us.

Unleash the True Potential of Your Ad Inventory

Easy implementation on page or in your ad server.

Viewable solutions for all formats

Implement OnScroll InView ads across desktop, mobile and even through header bidding code.

3rd party verification

Inventory is validated against leading analytics platforms like Moat and Integral Ad Science.

Create multiple opportunities per pageview

Sell a new impression for every 30 seconds of viewable engaged time to boost RPM.

Earn premium CPMs

Sell your viewable inventory to buyers at a premium.

Understand engagement

See how your readers are interacting with your page, and for how long.

Get proven strategies for improving viewability on your site in this free guide.
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