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Optimizing Your Site Revenue, Zone by Zone

sovrnmarketing // May 29, 2014

Optimizing Site Revenue

We recently invited a great group of bloggers to our Sovrn headquarters for a night of networking, war stories, and of course, beer. It’s always awesome to meet the publishers we work with and talk to them face-to-face. They get the chance to ask direct, blunt and important questions without any time constraints. And I get the chance to ask some questions of my own.
I really wanted to learn more about this bunch of enthusiastic bloggers that we so eagerly want to empower. One of the questions I kept hearing over and over again was, “How can I optimize my current revenue with you?”  I was thinking that if this is a recurring question with only 50 bloggers – what about the other 20,000 bloggers in our network?! So, while there could be several different answers to this recurring question, I thought I’d focus on this particular little gem:
Optimizing your revenue through advertising is all about utilizing the different strengths of your ad partners.
Some partners are probably better at filling close to 100% of your inventory, but at a lower CPM. Others might be better at producing higher CPMs at lower fill rates. You need to have the conversation with your ad partners about what they can offer so you can better assess where you slot each of them in your ad chain. Once you know which ad partner goes where, then you can begin working on optimizing your revenue. At Sovrn, we manage thousands of advertising relationships with our demand partners who are constantly running different campaigns, so it’s super important that you speak regularly (like every 30 days) with your publisher advocate. If you don’t, you’re probably missing out.
Sovrn provides a human advocate for every publisher in our network!
Your publisher advocate can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of your advertising partners and align your ad zones with the best campaigns for your site. Once that’s taken care of, you can transition into managing the performance of each individual ad tag (zone), so ask your advocate about things like price floors, zone location, frequency caps and even how many zones you can put on each page with your advocates. (Psst. Sovrn allows up to 5 ad zones per page!)
Helping you improve your sites, better understand your readership and make more money is at the very core of what we do here at Sovrn. If that sounds interesting to you, shoot me an email (Hi, I’m Alex) and ask me to put you in touch with your publisher advocate.

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