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Quantcast Ranks Sovrn as 4th Largest Global Ad Network

sovrnmarketing // November 11, 2014

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Here at Sovrn we have been in the midst of a major trend of “up and to the right.” CPMs, fill, advertisers, page views, new employees – you name it, we’re in the green. Usually we shy away from sharing corporate news here on the PubHub; mostly because we want to stick to serving up engaging content that helps you, our publishers, dominate the internet. Corporate news seldom fits into that total-web-domination category – save for today.
top ad networks 2014 quantcast
Yesterday Quantcast released a report listing the top global networks and platforms by reach. The list represents a diverse portfolio of supply side platforms, content advertising platforms, ad networks and some video advertising companies. sovrn ranked as the fourth largest publisher network with a monthly global reach of over 423 million people and the third largest in the US reaching just over 200 million people. With a global online population estimated at 2.8 billion, that means we are reaching about 15% of the world’s internet users and 63% of the total US population. That’s around 319 million people per month in the US alone.
What this number really represents is the power of all the publishers in our network. It’s a metric showcasing the gargantuan audiences of dedicated readers that each and every one of you has amassed through engaging, unique content and dedication to your craft. It’s an indicator of the health and opportunity of online publishing.
Why this matters to you:
Our standing on this report is evidence that the marketing industry is grasping the true power of the vastly underserved portion of the internet: the independent and professional publishers. By climbing our way up this list together, we not only become more attractive to advertisers, but we increase our ability to help restore more balance in the equation in favor of publishers. With our combined reach and scale we get better leverage for everyone in the network. Result: you make more money.
We encourage you to take a deeper dive into the Quantcast report on Sovrn if you are interested. It provides insight into the audiences that our publisher network is attracting and enables a more granular look at our network performance and growth over the last year.
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“It’s amazing to think that every month, two out of ten people across the world’s online population, and three out of five people in the US see an ad placed by Sovrn on one of our publishers’ sites,” said Walter Knapp, Sovrn CEO. “As we continue to work with more and more independent and influential publishers, we will start to see our reach expand even further.”
You can view the full Quantcast report and rankings list here, and learn more about Sovrn’s reach here.

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