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Right Now, There's Nothing More American than Tim Howard

sovrnmarketing // July 3, 2014

This week, our Friday post is a day early! This week is all about “Murica” and using hashtags like #ibelieve and #ThingsTimHowardCanSave. Nothing wrong with a little patriotism. While the links below might seem random, just think about the image you see above — Tim Howard, America’s greatest son (at least for the duration of the World Cup). It’s doesn’t get more patriotic than that.
1) With the death of the newspaper on the horizon, it seems as though comic strips will go with it. We can’t let that happen! What will middle-aged men chuckle sensibly at in the morning?!?! The irreverent humor of PoorlyDrawnLines is what.
2) You’re not in college anymore and rum and cokes aren’t going to cut it as a cocktail. You don’t have to be a bartender but knowing how to make a few good drinks can go a long way. I present to you ZCocktails. Go forth and prosper.
3) Summer isn’t really summer unless you get out and enjoy nature and the warm weather. For camping, fishing, and hiking, OutdoorsEagle is the site to visit.
4) Don’t get me wrong, I love hockey. But when I’m at a game I’m really rooting for one thing to happen, a fight! Luckily, HockeyFights has all the fights on ice that you could ever want.
5) After a long week of working, there’s only a few things better than sitting down with a beer and some chips with a video game, and blasting some aliens out of existence. I mean, Frank Underwood does it, why shouldn’t you? Check out GamingBolt for the latest news on video games of all sorts.
6) What’s more American than twenty tons of cold hard steel? Not much! Check out and have a happy 4th!
7) Check out Tipsaholic for fun summer family tips ranging from barbecuing kebabs to camping with your kids.
8) If you’re having a problem with someone, being direct tends to always be a the best way of resolving the issue. However, posting Passive Aggressive Notes can be way more fun!
Have a happy 4th everyone!

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