ICYMI: Secrets to Drive More Commerce Revenue (Webinar)

Sovrn Commerce Team // April 14, 2022

By 2024, retail focused commerce is expected to amount to $7T in annual sales activity or 35% of all retail sales. What does it mean then for publishers and content creators? 

Quite simply, the opportunity to drive new, additional revenue and get closer to their readers by understanding their purchase behaviors. 

Yesterday, Sovrn hosted a webinar to address this opportunity. We took a deep dive into the opportunities – and challenges – ecommerce offers, and how smart tools that deliver a rich content experience in less time are a way for you to increase your affiliate revenue and bring readers closer.

A lively discussion, the conversation covered several wide-ranging topics, including:

  • A great commerce strategy requires a proactive approach
  • There’s a difference between “timely” and “timeless” content – and you need to plan for both
  • Look for tools that reduce your reliance on a single merchant, diversify your revenue opportunities and empower readers with choices
  • The ingredients for commerce success for both short- and long-term goals

More to love about Commerce

The new Shopping Galleries tool is just one of many Sovrn Commerce solutions designed to help you grow your affiliate revenue, whether from a commission or a click.

  • Comparisons: Deliver a great shopping experience for your audience, meet Google’s algorithm updates, and drive up to 200% higher click-through rates by automatically identifying and displaying alternative retailers selling the same product. Learn more →
  • Affiliate link monetization: One interface that displays all of the publisher’s affiliate revenue efforts — from link creation to editorial tools — and provides access to over 30,000 merchants. Learn more →
  • Real-time analytics: Get accurate, timely performance data to optimize your commerce content strategy and maximize affiliate revenue. Learn more →

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