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Our Commitment to Independent Publishers

wknapp // June 27, 2017

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It’s tough being an independent publisher and content creator. The dynamics of Adtech, Data Management, Header Bidding, Yield Optimization, Viewability, Content Distribution and AdBlocking are each important challenges that require focus. This focus is particularly acute among midsize and smaller professional publishers due to their limited resources. These creators need and want to spend their time & energy developing the content we all want and need.

Wrapped in the challenges above, we at Sovrn, see opportunities. Opportunities require investment. Our action to prioritize and focus our expenses today ensures that we can continue making investments to solve important problems for our core customer base of independent publishers.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve invested in expanding our Data processing and Yield management infrastructure, we released an easy-to-implement Header Bidding option to level the playing field, and we completed 3 acquisitions to solve important issues such as Viewability, Ad Block Mitigation and Content Distribution. In each of the past 2 years, we’ve grown revenues more than 50%, and in that time we hired over 200 people, all while remaining profitable and maintaining a strong balance sheet.

In order to sustain profitable growth, and keep making focused investments, today we consolidated our workforce in North America by 14%. Our UK office continues to grow meaningfully ahead of its targets and we will continue to invest actively in that market.

We believe that every interesting company solves important problems for someone else. At Sovrn we are deeply committed to solving important problems for independent content creators.

To learn more about how we help independent publishers do more of what they love, contact us any time.

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