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Sovrn Signal Doubles Publisher Deal Revenue

Sovrn Press // September 13, 2022

September 13, 2022 – Boulder, CO – Sovrn, a publisher technology platform that empowers content creators to remain independent and thrive on the Open Web, announced today new results from Sovrn Signal that demonstrated a doubling of deal revenue for participating publishers. In addition, advertising inventory enhanced by Signal was up to two times more likely to accurately predict how long a user would engage with a given ad.

In partnership with more than 175 independent publishers, Signal generated billions of targeted, actionable audience and inventory segments across viewability, attention, interest and intent. These segments were delivered to the ad auction via the Sovrn Ad Exchange’s private marketplace in real time across a core of 1,500 domains, offering participating buyers’ multiple options to better optimize their ad spend.

“The challenge for publishers today — and especially tomorrow — is how to better expand and communicate the value of our audience data at scale to advertisers,” said Marc Boswell, Chief Revenue Officer of LoveToKnow Media. “Having the right tools and partners opens up a hugely powerful opportunity for publishers, especially smaller ones, to capture more revenue and have any form of impact in the future.”

Today, publishers using Prebid can request free access to Signal to unlock, in a cookieless-environment, greater on-page attention and engagement to effectively segment and scale inventory and audience segments. They can then broadcast enhanced impression information and price recommendations to buyers through Sovrn’s Ad Exchange private marketplace to increase CPM value. The paid version of Signal extends this functionality to other supply-side providers (SSP) and demand channels.

In addition, publishers using Signal can tap real-time insights to benchmark how their ad inventory CPM compares to the market, adjust their pricing strategy accordingly and drive greater revenue per user visit. Sovrn’s recent “Advertising Performance Benchmark Report” showcases this technology, offering current, accurate and reliable benchmark data for the first half of 2022 and analysis into how much buyers will pay for ads and how rates are affected by industry trends and economic factors.

Further, Sovrn is rapidly adding capabilities so publishers can unlock greater insights into reader engagement and to curate, package and expand their addressable audiences. This will allow publishers to identify, target and price their most valuable inventory, increasing their eligibility for deals across all their supply-side partners and ability to assign audience segments to cohorts in their ad server.

Powering the Signal functionality is the Sovrn Data Collective, comprising more than 6,000 independent publishers reaching 500 million daily consumers who generate over 30 billion daily page views across more than 80,000 websites. The Data Collective delivers access to safe, privacy-compliant data, helping ensure that publishers can tap enhanced consumer understanding, enriched audience profiles and insights into revenue performance to better compete for advertiser spend.

“The uncertainty around the loss of third-party cookies and looming privacy pressures are forcing publishers to grapple with choosing the right path forward to mitigate potential revenue declines,” said Walter Knapp, Sovrn CEO. “We aim to take that headache away with Signal, a plug-and-play solution that unlocks greater earnings for publishers by ensuring they can better understand and communicate the value of their audience engagement to buyers.”

To learn how Signal can be used to measure, compare and monetize reader attention and capitalize on audience engagement, download, “Capturing the Signals: How Reader Attention Can Drive More Revenue.” For more information about Signal, visit

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With thousands of customers deploying advertising, affiliate marketing, and data products across more than 80,000 websites, Sovrn reaches nearly 500 million active consumers across more than 30 billion page views every day. Sovrn has been a leader in online publisher technology since its founding and has been recognized by IAB, JICWEBS, and TAG for its role in combating fraud and promoting pro-transparency initiatives. Sovrn is dedicated to helping content creators do more of what they love, and less of what they don’t.

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