Do It for the Interns

interns at sovrn

It’s the end of the July, and for us college interns that means we’re moving out of our rickety apartments during a torrential downpour into other rickety apartments a mile down the road. Despite the stress of moving, we made it through another week. It’s finally Friday. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s Friday […]

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The Summer Essentials: Refreshing Recipes, DIY Project Ideas and Plenty of Tunes to Go Around

summer cocktail

Summer is in full effect here in Boulder, CO. Climbers are climbing, yogis are yoga-ing, runners are running, barbequers are barbecuing — everyone is doing something! In addition to all the physical activities, I’ve been trying my hand at new recipes (both food & drink), DIY projects and listening to as much new music as […]

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Publisher Spotlight: The Handmade Home

Publisher Spotlight The Handmade Home

You can find Jamin and Ashley Mills most days over at as the voices and inspiration behind the Handmade Home, where they share their life, DIY spirit, inspiration and humor. The two met as college sweethearts at Auburn University where they began their love affair tinkering with projects that turned them into full-fledged “Do-it-yourselvers”. Along they […]

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Co-created Content: A Return to Why We Blog

Co-Created Content

Meddle turns commentary into content that drives traffic to your blog and sovn is happy to welcome them as a publishing partner. The following blog is authored by Audrey Bellis, VP of Marketing at Meddle and an avid blogger for The Times of Israel and Huffington Post Women. I remember when I published my very first blog […]

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Publisher Spotlight: Naturally Ella

hors d'oeuvres

Erin Alderson began blogging in 2007 and has since come to own and operate a very successful food blog called Erin’s love for food has grown into a desire to help her followers learn new ways to make and prepare food with niche recipes and unique cooking methods. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Current Picture My blog […]

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LinkSmart Uses Link Monetization to Put Contextual Content Discovery in Publishers' Hands

sovrn has recently partnered with LinkSmart to give publishers more great tools for contextually relevant content discovery and audience development. Here’s a message from Suttida Yang, senior director of marketing at LinkSmart. LinkSmart is a link monetization solution for publishers built by publishers. We believe publishers are increasingly losing control of some of the most […]

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Blog Monetization Tips: Monetizing your links—what I’ve learned by working in publisher development

Blog Monetization Tips

As the owner of an independent blog, you’ve undoubtedly had some time to think about how the hell you plan on monetizing your domain. Should you utilize an ad network to help you implement display advertising? Or should you team up with specific brands and monetize through partner links, merchant links or even content links? […]

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Publisher Spotlight: Blogger Tips with BlogTalkRadio

We caught up with Bob Charish, one of the two co-founders of BlogTalkRadio, a web-based platform that allows users to host a live, call-in Internet broadcast from anywhere in the world using a computer and a phone. With more than three million monthly US uniques (ComScore June’13), BlogTalkRadio has developed a sizable audience who tunes in regularly […]

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