Blog Monetization Tips: Monetizing your links—what I’ve learned by working in publisher development

Blog Monetization Tips

As the owner of an independent blog, you’ve undoubtedly had some time to think about how the hell you plan on monetizing your domain. Should you utilize an ad network to help you implement display advertising? Or should you team up with specific brands and monetize through partner links, merchant links or even content links? […]

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Publisher Spotlight: Blogger Tips with BlogTalkRadio

We caught up with Bob Charish, one of the two co-founders of BlogTalkRadio, a web-based platform that allows users to host a live, call-in Internet broadcast from anywhere in the world using a computer and a phone. With more than three million monthly US uniques (ComScore June’13), BlogTalkRadio has developed a sizable audience who tunes in regularly […]

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5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Site More Attractive to Premium Advertisers

5 Ways to Make your Site More Attractive to Premium Advertisers

One of our favorite things to do here at sovrn is to serve premium advertising on our publishers’ websites. While we like to serve as many premium ads to our publishers as possible, there are sometimes reasons why advertisers won’t advertise on a website. We wanted to pass along some of the things we’ve learned about […]

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