The balance shifts: how first-party data empowers publishers

how first party data empowers publishers sovrn

Whatever blend of fear and confusion you feel while reading headlines about the upcoming “cookiepocalypse” is understandable: web advertising is currently built on third-party cookies, after all. But take heart: above all, this is an opportunity. Publishers will soon find themselves with far more power post-3PC than they have now. Advertisers will become even more […]

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What is a Google FLoC?

This January (that’s 2021, if you’re reading this at a later date), Google announced that they’re all-in on the FLoC (which stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts) as the best replacement for third-party cookies. The Google FLoC is one of many identity resolution proposals in flight, but since it has Google’s name behind it, it’s […]

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