Start Measuring Viewability: Free Viewability Tracker


They say the only true path to improvement is through constant measurement. We created a viewability measurement tool to help publishers understand how improvements in viewability can lead to improvement in CPM and overall site revenue. To better understand viewability, view our blog post that outlines the following major themes in viewability strategy: “An ad is […]

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Video: Header Bidding Explained in 14 Minutes

header bidding explained

If someone asked you to explain header bidding in a few sentences, could you do it? While the concept of how header bidding works is rather straightforward the mechanics of how it all goes down is pretty tricky. In short, header bidding implementations request bids from all advertising demand partners simultaneously instead of sequentially. By […]

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Video Advertising Transparency: How to Make your Supply Attractive to Advertisers

Video Advertising

In our effort to advocate for our publisher base, Sovrn Holdings strives to provide a fully transparent and well-segmented supply chain for our advertising partners. We take pride in educating and assisting our publishers about industry best practices and in this article we will discuss transparency and the advantages of complying with these standards. Programmatic […]

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