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Video: Header Bidding Explained in 14 Minutes

sovrnmarketing // September 8, 2016

header bidding explained sovrn.com
If someone asked you to explain header bidding in a few sentences, could you do it?

While the concept of how header bidding works is rather straightforward the mechanics of how it all goes down is pretty tricky. In short, header bidding implementations request bids from all advertising demand partners simultaneously instead of sequentially. By removing passbacks from the equation, header bidding increases competition for website inventory and boosts bids by forcing partners to bid closer to the true valuation of each impression. Nixing passbacks also reduces page latency and discrepancies and gives publishers a much more transparent look at all the data behind each auction.

But to truly understand how header bidding works, it’s best to see an example of a header bidding auction in action.

We can see each component and its role in the auction. These components include:

  • The website <head> section
  • Wrapper
  • Mediation
  • Bidders
  • Ad Server
  • Creative

Watch the video below with sovrn’s header bidding expert, Tony Casson, taking to the whiteboard to stop the head-scratching once and for all.

Here it is: header bidding explained.

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