What is Google AMP, and How Will it Affect Independent Publishers?

facebook on mobile phone

Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP, for short) is Google’s open source initiative designed to improve the performance of the mobile web. With the 2015 launch of both Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News App, AMP is Google’s answer to the increasing demand for a fast and stream-lined mobile experience. What’s unique about AMP is that it […]

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Webinar Recording: Going Deep With Header Bidding

using sovrn ad network interface

This webinar was organized for publishers who want a more advanced dive into header bidding workflows, technology, integration and optimization. In this 1 hour webinar recording, you will learn: Why you should consider a header bidding implementation and how it beats the popular “waterfall” optimization strategy used by many publishers The three main technical components […]

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4 Reasons to Implement Header Bidding in 2016

man typing on laptop

Publishers are increasingly ditching a traditional waterfall setup for header bidding. Header bidding, also known as auction in the header, enables publishers to receive and simultaneously evaluate real-time bids from advertisers. Unlike a traditional waterfall, header bidding encourages competition between SSPs and allows for a single unified auction. For publishers, this means higher overall yield. “Rather than just choosing between […]

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New Feature Release: Easy Ad Tag Search & Ad Pagination in Meridian

ad tags sovrn.com

Most of our Publishers have lots of ad tags. Searching for tags with a particular price floor or tag name used involve scrolling and manually searching. We know, this was a drag for us too. Now meridian users can easily search and select tags in meridian. Looking for a specific Tag ID, Tag Name, Type, […]

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#asksovrn: How Header Bidding Works

writing on the window

For the next 14 minutes watch how Header Bidding, a new ad optimization technology, maximizes online revenue by re-inventing how ad networks and exchanges bid for your inventory. Frustrated with the pitfalls of traditional waterfall strategy and looking to reclaim your lost revenue? In this how-to whiteboard overview, Tony Casson, Sr. Director of ad tech products at […]

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How To Make Money Blogging in 2016


Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned blogger just looking for new tips, you’ve all done some research on how to make money blogging. Bloggers are constantly evolving the way they make money, which means it’s that much harder to stay ahead of the curve. In a recently published guide on 2016 digital […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday CPMs Reach New High in 2015

Cyber Monday CPMs sovrn.com

Over the holidays, advertisers spend more money targeting online consumers than any other time of year. Digital ad spend in 2015 surpassed $3BN and CPMs continued to rise- particularly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Using the Sovrn publisher base of more than 20,000 online publishers and more than 100,000 sites as a proxy for […]

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