DFP Rebranding 2018

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You may have heard that in mid-to-late July, Google will be officially retiring the 22-year-old DoubleClick brand. This follows its moves to consolidate features from the digital buying, selling, and marketing platforms DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) and Google Analytics 360 for buyers, or DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and the Google Ad Exchange (AdX) for sellers. […]

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Does Your Ad Experience Drive User Engagement or Encourage Bounces?

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  Digital advertising is a critical revenue stream that allows publishers to provide their users with quality, up-to-date and engaging content. With ever-increasing digital advertising standards, it’s important for publishers to keep the user experience in mind when making decisions regarding online advertising strategies. We’ve all had a bad user experience with a website littered […]

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CMPs for Publishers: a Comparison Guide

  We’re only a few months into GDPR with many publishers still struggling with GDPR compliance and falling short of their obligations. Others, notably US publishers such as the Chicago Tribune and LA Times, are sidestepping the issue altogether and continuing to block European visitors. What is clear is that the stringent requirements of GDPR have made things […]

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Partner With a Google Ad Manager (DFP) Expert to Get Your Revenue Soaring!

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If you’ve ever ridden in a small, 2-4 seater plane, you’ll probably remember the experience for a lot of reasons. One thing you may have noticed with a smaller engine airplane is the instrument panel and other components around the pilot/co-pilot’s chairs that manage the operations of the aircraft. In larger aircraft, the same core […]

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Google Delay on Ads Standard for EU Privacy Law Creates Compliance Mess

  Google’s delayed entry into a consortium of advertising technology companies has spoiled the members’ push to comply with a new European privacy law, six people involved in the program told Reuters, leaving some firms exposed to fines. Data about a website visitor’s identity can pass through a dozen ad tech firms before an ad […]

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