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AdTech Insights: Free Reports Covering Major Advertising Tech Trends

Sovrn Advertising Team // August 15, 2018

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Adzerk’s gives ad tech insights through the Header Bidding Industry Index, GDPR Consent Management Platform Tracker, and Ads.txt Tracker. The Header Bidding Industry Index (HBIX) follows the same 1,000 Top US sites over time and is updated monthly. It tracks the top exchanges that publishers are pinging. It also tracks what percent of publishers do header bidding, movement of bidders, header bidding usage over time, and many other things.

The GDPR Consent Management Platform Tracker looks at what CMPs and other cookie consent tools the top 10K US and UK sites use. It tracks CMP adoption by location, it gives a breakdown of consent tool types, top IAB-registered CMP vendors, and many other things.

The Ads.txt Tracker looks at how many sites have adopted the IAB’s Ads.txt file and what vendors they use. It tracks Ads.txt adoption by location, breaks down sites with resellers, most common direct sellers, most common resellers, and many other things.


Read the whole reports here: Ad Tech Insights: Get free reports covering major advertising tech trends

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