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Sovrn Commerce Team // October 3, 2023

As a brand-new affiliate marketer, you probably started out with a single network partner. But over time, it’s natural to expand those relationships and earn revenue through multiple affiliate networks. The problem is, managing links for those various networks — and understanding how they’re performing — can quickly become overwhelming.

With Commerce Unified, you can connect all your affiliate networks and manage all your affiliate links in one convenient location. No more hopping between network platforms and logging into separate publisher portals — Sovrn Commerce Unified gives you complete affiliate management in a single tool. Currently in Beta, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to discover if Commerce Unified is right for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Connect your affiliate network credentials.

Commerce Unified lets you manage direct relationships with top affiliate networks like Rakuten, Commission Junction, PepperJam, Impact Radius, and more — all in one place. Just log into Sovrn Commerce and follow the simple on-screen instructions to enter your credentials and connect your affiliate network accounts. We’re constantly working to expand our network integrations — so if one of your partner networks isn’t listed, just let us know.

2. Create and manage affiliate links, all in one place.

Instead of logging into a separate portal for each affiliate network, Commerce Unified lets you create, view, and manage links for all your networks — in one convenient location. Whether you build links through the Commerce Unified platform, our Chrome extension, or the new iOS app (coming soon!), every link is visible in the Sovrn Commerce interface. Click traffic is routed through the appropriate network relationship, and you keep 100% of the affiliate revenue you earn through direct merchant relationships. Updating links to keep up with price changes and out-of-stock merchandise is a snap since you only need to make the change once in the Commerce link building tool, and it will be reflected anywhere you’ve used that affiliate link.

3. Get unified revenue reporting and real-time analytics.

Once your network credentials are connected, Sovrn will immediately start to ingest revenue data into one, unified Commerce dashboard. So you get a single, consolidated view of all your affiliate earnings, across all your network relationships. 

You can also take advantage of our industry-leading, real-time analytics capabilities for instant performance insights at your fingertips across all your monetization partner streams. Monitor click data, analyze traffic data, and compare link performance to make strategy adjustments on the fly. Only Sovrn provides this level of immediate feedback to power split-second decisions and help you deliver what your readers really want.

4. Increase clicks, drive conversions, and boost search rankings with price comparisons

Commerce Unified gives you access to advanced functionality like our Product Data API so you can efficiently offer readers a rich, customizable shopping experience with hundreds of merchants. With the Data API, you can automatically deliver multiple retailer options, retrieve detailed product information, update prices and flag out-of-stock items,  geolocate offers based on your readers’ location, and easily deliver push recommendations. 

And, with Google’s latest product review algorithm rewarding sites with links to multiple sellers, you can improve search rankings for competitive advantage, drive more traffic to your commerce content and attract new readers from search results.

Streamline affiliate management with Commerce Unified

If you’re looking for supercharged commerce management in one complete package, Commerce Unified is the answer. It’s simple enough for mid-sized publishers, yet sophisticated enough to handle the needs of large enterprise organizations. That said, Commerce Unified is best suited for publishers who:

  • Manage multiple affiliate network relationships,
  • Want to move beyond spreadsheets for managing affiliate links — but aren’t ready to invest in a CMS solution
  • Need unified insights about affiliate performance — but don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated data analyst.

Get started today

To access all the functionality of Commerce Unified, just sign up to join our Beta program. Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive an email with next steps and clear guidance for installing, configuring, and using the Beta product. 

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