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High Viewability added to Sovrn’s Audience on Tap

sovrnmarketing // October 13, 2016

Media buyers can build campaigns across publishers with highly viewable inventory

October 13, 2016, BOULDER, Colo.—Sovrn, an advocate and partner to independent publishers, who represents more than 80,000 websites, has added High Viewability ad zone targeting to the Audience on Tap line-up of always on, always available, deal ID’s available through 11 Demand Side Platforms (DSP).

The High Viewability ad placements, available through deal ID “Sovrn_HV1”, give global media buyers the quick and easy ability to increase the viewability of their campaigns by including highly viewable inventory. This inventory includes both ad placements using Sovrn Signal units and utilizing technology from RealVu to ensure over 70% compliance with the MRC viewability standard.

“Viewability is increasingly a key part of the buying equation for brands and agencies,” said Matt Harada, Sovrn’s GM of Data. “A buyer looking for more assurance that a campaign is seen by an audience that is highly engaged now has an easy way to meet their viewability needs.”

The “Sovrn_HV1” deal ID is part of Sovrn’s Audience on Tap and is available programmatically through OpenRTB integrations with 11 DSP partners. BidSwitch, Centro, Netmining, MediaMath, Doubleclick and, Drawbridge and Turn allow advertisers to utilize the audience segments in a self-serve, always-on manner. Appnexus, Index and TradeDesk require a buyer ID to implement.

Sovrn will be releasing a host of alway-on, always-available audience options to the Audience on Tap line up. Contact to get started or visit to learn more.

About Sovrn
Sovrn believes content creators and publishers are the soul of the Internet. Their content is what makes the Internet great. That’s why we give content creators tools to make money; access to distribution and scale to grow their audience; and a massive data commons for extraordinary insights. At Sovrn we don’t just plug into the online advertising ecosystem. We own & operate a massive data collective and a complete ad technology stack with direct connections to every major buyer in the world. Sovrn is headquartered in Boulder, Colo. with offices in Denver, New York and London. For more information, please visit or follow on Twitter @SovrnHoldings

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