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How Sovrn Helps Publishers Use Big Data

Sovrn Publisher Advocate // September 3, 2015

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A deep-dive into Big Data from the publisher’s perspective.

sovrn firmly believes publishers should have the same tools in their arsenal as marketers, no matter how many monthly pageviews your website sees. Our goal is to arm you with the data you need to make better informed decisions about your content strategy and website monetization strategy. The acquisition, storing, segmenting and translating of Big Data is an undertaking Sovrn has taken on in order to help our publishers better understand their true value.

In this Big Data Whitepaper, we’ll dive into topics like:

  • Big Data – What is it really and how is it collected?
  • How is Big Data currently used in programmatic advertising?
  • How can publishers further benefit from audience data?
  • How the Sovrn platform helps!

Effectively using Big Data for insights has typically been the reserve of larger organizations, who have the resources necessary to overcome the challenges of collecting huge volumes of disparate data and analyzing it in real-time.

By aggregating data from across our network and making it easy to consume, Sovrn helps small-to-medium publishers to overcome this disadvantage. Publishers of all sizes can now create better, more predictable results by using the actionable insights delivered by Sovrn at no cost. This levels the playing field, so independent publishers can compete more effectively for reader engagement and monetization.

To learn more about the Sovrn platform, please contact your publisher advocate.

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