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3 Easy Ways to Maximize the Value of Every Unique Visitor

webhank // January 22, 2019

Many of our publishers have built engaged, passionate audiences dedicated to seeking out the content they love, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those storytellers. You’re making a living—or trying to—by doing what you love.
We know that pageviews don’t go far enough to reward you for everything you’ve achieved—but we build products that can change that by simplifying your life and maximizing the value of every one of your unique visitors. They’re easy to use, easy to update, and they do more than increase your earnings: they give you more time to spend creating content, chasing down stories, and reaching more people.

  1. Implement Smart Viewability Technology
    You’ve worked hard to build your audience of dedicated readers, and impressions don’t always reflect the following you’ve built. That’s why we made a product that rewards your hard work by measuring the activity and engagement of your users over time. It lets you reload advertisements when you hit an engagement threshold, and ultimately, it’s a way to balance the scales in your favor. Our industry-leading technology measures actions such as mouse movements and page scrolls to determine when your readers are active, and when it hits an engagement threshold it serves new, always-viewable advertisements. The value of your inventory goes up, your viewability scores go up, and you earn more for every ad you serve. It’s delivered in a single line of code, so you don’t have any excess scripts or coding headaches to worry about, and you don’t have to use Sovrn demand if you don’t want to—you can also license it for full demand-stack flexibility. It’s time to start earning the rewards you deserve.
  2. Enable a Consent Management Platform (CMP)
    We have two big takeaways from everything we’ve learned post-GDPR: first, whether you’ve chosen legitimate interest as your legal basis to process EU reader data or you’ve turned off your EU traffic altogether, you’re losing money. Second, this is just the beginning of privacy laws worldwide, and you should prepare for future privacy laws now. Enabling a CMP solves both of these problems—opt-in rates continue to be very good, and consent-based data gathering is the safest, easiest way to ensure you’re GDPR-compliant. Even if only a small percentage of your audience is from the EU, that’s a percentage you could be adding to your earnings. It’s a no-brainer, and since our CMP is delivered through a single line of code (the same line of code as our viewability technology, in fact), it’s incredibly easy to set up and customize.
  3. Plug Sovrn into Exchange Bidding
    This one’s easy. If you’re using Google’s Exchange Bidding or EB Video, add Sovrn to your demand stack. It takes seconds to enable, and we’ll increase competition and boost your revenue. No risk, all reward—get in touch, and just plug us in.

These solutions aren’t just effective—they’re incredibly simple. They’re fast, easy ways to maximize the value of every unique visitor, and that means more money for you with less risk, less stress, and fewer headaches. And we’re always looking for new, better ways to empower publishers, so if you have any questions, comments, or requests, don’t hesitate. Send us a message, and we’ll talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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