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Viewability Top of Mind as Sovrn Acquires OnScroll

sovrnmarketing // April 20, 2016


Today we announced the acquisition of Signal, a viewability ad solution provider based in the UK. Signal creates highly viewable ad units for publishers by analyzing user behavior patterns. So if a user usually scrolls to the bottom of the page, Signal will serve a below-the-fold placement. That increases overall ad inventory by 7% to 15%.

Adexchanger wrote, “Because Sovrn’s mostly long-tail publishers don’t have the resources to redesign for viewability, such as “lazy loading” ads that only serve when they’re in view, Signal will enable its publishers to quickly improve their viewability averages. Walter Knapp added that since current RTB protocols don’t pass viewability data well in the open exchange, Sovrn will reach out to DSPs and agency trading desks to set up private marketplaces that meet high viewability thresholds, including both the IAB standard (50% pixels in view for one second) and the higher one set by GroupM (100% pixels in view for any length of time).”

The Signal unit only requests an ad when it is at least 51% in view of an engaged reader. This provides greater insights into reader engagement on the page: how far on the page they scrolled, what they engaged with, and for how long. Ad in view for 10 seconds? You have the option to serve another ad in that unit. MediaPost commented, “The Signal technology lets Sovrn know if and when the unit is in view so it can determine when a reader is actively engaging with the content on the page (vs. on a different tab or in a different browser window).”

We’re rolling out this viewability ad unit to our Publishers soon, to get first look get on the list here.

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