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Real-Time Performance Data Anytime, Anywhere with Sovrn Commerce APIs

Sovrn Commerce Team // May 16, 2023

In order to maximize affiliate revenue, you need to know what’s working — and what’s not — in your affiliate marketing program. That’s why Sovrn Commerce includes real-time analytics and robust reporting functionality, so you can analyze your performance and make smarter strategic decisions. 

But if you’re an experienced publisher with a complex program, you need deep insights that go beyond the typical reporting metrics. You may have your own sophisticated software, custom built to analyze your affiliate data and deliver the insights you need to optimize your strategy. You might also work with many different affiliate networks, which means evaluating and comparing unique performance data from each one.

Sovrn now offers an easy way to access your affiliate performance data through a simple API and ingest it into any system you choose. 

Introducing the Sovrn API Developer Center

The Sovrn API Developer Center offers a set of handy APIs to automatically deliver the merchant, link, and reporting data you need — as well as user-friendly guides and in-depth documentation to get you up and running quickly.

The Commerce Real-Time Reports API has two useful features for analyzing affiliate performance. The Transactions feature gives you a full breakout of performance data on every affiliate transaction and a comprehensive view of every monetized link. Data points include:

  • Revenue
  • Product purchased
  • Order value
  • Click date
  • Click source 
  • Country
  • Device
  • Link URL
  • UTM details
  • Program type
  • Merchant
  • Campaign
  • And so much more!

Now with the addition of Aggregate Reports, you can set up an automatic download of predefined reports showing how your affiliate income was earned. Each report contains aggregate data on a specific facet of affiliate performance: Merchants, Pages, Links, and Merchandise. The information in these reports is similar to what you’ll find in the Commerce Analytics Dashboard, with some additional data points — and they’re fed into your system automatically via API. 

The Commerce Real-Time Reports API is just one of the useful tools available in the Sovrn API Developer Center — and we’re actively working to enhance and expand our API toolset in the months to come.

Sovrn Commerce APIs make affiliate optimization easy

Our new and improved Commerce APIs run on a single data set — the same data that powers our real-time reporting — to provide consistent, reliable results every time.

Rather than logging into the Sovrn Commerce platform to view program performance through our user interface and run reports, you can simply use our Commerce APIs to ingest data automatically on your preferred schedule. Use our preconfigured reports for a reliable view of affiliate performance through Sovrn, or feed our data into your own system to slice-and-dice it however you choose.

Our Commerce APIs are simple enough for publishers of any size. If you have a need for advanced performance data — and you have a web developer on staff — just visit the Sovrn API Developer Center to get started.

Trust Sovrn for real-time analytics, delivered your way

To thrive in today’s competitive marketplace and deliver what readers want, publishers need to make split-second decisions about what’s working — and what’s not working. So having reliable, real-time performance data is more important than ever. 

Sovrn is committed to giving publishers the best analytics in the market. Our Commerce Dashboard offers real-time affiliate insights, and now — with our Commerce APIs — you can access all your affiliate data in real time, wherever and whenever you need it. No other affiliate partner can offer better, faster, more comprehensive analytics capabilities. 

If you’re already a Sovrn Commerce customer, visit the Sovrn API Developer Center to get started — or contact our support team for more information.

Not working with Sovrn Commerce yet? Sign up now! Once you complete the approval process, you can start earning right away.

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