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Some of you may have come across the term “bid caching”, which has rightfully generated concern across the press recently.

For the record, Sovrn believes in running a clean, safe auction where all partners operate on a level playing field.

Trust and transparency are of paramount importance to Sovrn and as such, we:

  • Have never employed strategies such as bid caching to manipulate auction results and do not condone the use of this approach
  • Do not condone bid manipulation of any kind
  • Have undergone all of the leading 3rd party audits including IAB Gold Standard, TAG and JICWEBS for brand safety, anti-fraud and other compliances
  • Fully support ads.txt and work relentlessly to encourage our publishers to adopt these positive initiatives
  • Have implemented a free Consent Management Tool (or CMP) to help publishers to comply with GDPR
  • Developed unique technology to help publishers solve viewability and deliver higher value ad units to buyers based on user engagement
  • Never charge a buy-side fee

We will continue to invest in trust and transparency initiatives and look forward to sustaining a market that grows stronger through a unified view of these issues.

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