Pageviews don’t tell the whole story.

//Signal measures the activity and engagement of the passionate audience you’ve built, and maximizes the value of every one of your unique visitors.

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//Signal reloads ads that are 51%+ in view and engaged with for at least 30 seconds, creating new inventory from existing ad units.



Apply //Signal to sticky advertisements for a reliable revenue stream.



Place smart ads into your content as readers engage. Reload them with //Signal for added value.

Earn a larger share of the value you create


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Active. Engaged. Valuable.

//Signal measures 45 distinct user actions across 8 engagement categories. It captures every single interaction between user and page to determine when your readers are active. When it hits an engagement threshold it sends a signal that serves new, always-viewable advertisements, summons intelligent ad units, and creates new, valuable inventory from existing ad placements.

Always viewable

//Signal only reloads ads when they’re 51%+ viewable.

Smarter technology

//Signal tracks 45 distinct user actions across 8 engagement categories.

A better ad experience

User-first design means more revenue with 
no ad clutter.

Fewer ads, more impact

Create new inventory from existing units. Earn more with fewer ads.

Infinite flexibility

Apply //Signal to any Sovrn ad unit.

Easy licensing

License //Signal to reload all your demand partners.

Case Studies

Ancient History Encyclopedia Grows Revenue by 26% with //Signal

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//Signal Increases Seattle Times’ Revenue by $30,000

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Access multiple products with a single JavaScript implementation. It’s easy to install, and it’s easy to update. //Connect minimizes latency, coding headaches, and the engineering resources that stand between you and success.

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