Why Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ is a Complete Waste of Money

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For publishers just starting out with Facebook Ads, Boost Post is an enticing option – it’s quick, cheap and simple. All you have to do is click “Boost Post” and pay a minimum of $5.00. However, Boost Post is an ineffective way to advertise your page. With Boost Post, you’re unable to: Target a specific […]

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HANDLL CEO: Publishers Must Innovate Around Walled Gardens

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We have put together a blog series leading up to our I² event in September that is tailored to capture thought-provoking ideas and commentary from visionaries, publishing leaders, independents, evangelists and the like. Everyday we have the pleasure of engaging with experts and innovators blazing their own path in the industry and we thought this […]

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What Facebook's Content Strategy Means for Publishers


Lately, Facebook has been very active in the online advertising and publishing space, but are Facebook’s developments going to be a boon or bust for online publishers?  Let’s examine how publishers can use Facebook’s latest efforts to their advantage, and what they need to look out for. Recent articles by the New York Times and […]

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