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Adding //Signal as an Ad Serving Option

Adding //Signal as an Ad Serving Option sovrn.com

Does this sound like you? “It was frustrating that we got the same revenue per pageview for a reader who was on a page for 10 seconds and a reader that was on a page for 2 minutes, I knew we could do better.” – Jan Van Der Crabben, Ancient History Encyclopedia If you’re looking […]

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See the New //Signal Advertising Technology

onscroll advertising technology sovrn.com

Calling all publishers – I’d like to introduce to you Sovrn’s new //Signal technology. You’re not going to want to miss this, trust me. What is //Signal? //Signal is a new, 100% additive advertising technology that allows publishers to sell more inventory on existing placements without impacting user experience. How do we do it? It […]

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//Signal FAQs

Top FAQs What is //Signal? //Signal is a product that allows you harness the power of your engaged readers through collecting valuable engagement and viewability metrics. What products are available that take advantage of this technology? We have 2 great options to empower you to monetize your readers: Option 1 (Whitespace monetization) Take advantage of […]

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