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Tumblr Marketing 101

sovrnmarketing // April 3, 2014

Tumblr Marketing 101

Have you considered using Tumblr as a tool to drive traffic to your site? Maybe not. Keep this term in mind when reading the following article:  Tumblr Marketing.
In the world of online publishing, Tumblr has created a unique platform offering which combines traditional blogging with social networking.  As of January 2014, Tumblr is home to 172.1 million blogs with 77.2 billion posts and growing. ( The Tumblr interface makes setting up and using a blog simple, and encourages interaction among followers allowing bloggers to gain notability within niche areas of interest.
While for many, Tumblr has taken on the reputation as an incubator for time-wasting GIFs, it can also be a really great way for you to build your audience and increase traffic to your site. As the pioneer of the microblogging phenomenon, the ability to reach new and untapped audiences on Tumblr is unmatched.
Since blogging relies mostly on text-heavy entries, supplementing your blog with a Tumblr allows you to open up your current endeavor to reach your audience on a visual level, and provides additional opportunity to drive readers back to your site.
Would you like to get started? Check out this beginner’s tutorial, and have your Tumblr blog up and running in 5 easy steps!
Are you interested in some Tumblr inspiration? Check out these 15 brands that are rocking it on Tumblr! If you are currently on Tumblr and want to share your success story, we would love to hear from you so give us a shout.

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