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Sovrn Commerce Team // May 8, 2024

While affiliate marketing is a simple way to monetize your content, maximizing the value of every click presents a huge challenge. The fact is, there’s an incredible amount of overlap in the affiliate industry. A publisher looking to monetize traffic to a particular merchant might have 10 or more networks to choose from, each with different rates and budgets that may change at any time. So figuring out how to direct affiliate traffic has been an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process for publishers — until now.

When you work with Sovrn Commerce, you’re automatically plugged into our Yield Optimization tool (formerly known as real-time bidding or RTB). This technology automatically sends every impression to the optimal partner, so you earn as much as possible from every click — with no additional effort. Let’s take a closer look.

How Yield Optimization drives more revenue

The example below illustrates how Yield Optimization works in an affiliate transaction. When a user clicks on a merchant link, Sovrn Commerce initiates an auction in real time. Click requests are sent to all available CPC networks, who then respond with their bids. 

If a CPA program is available, Sovrn uses predictive rate modeling to forecast the effective EPC from that program — which is then used as a bid floor. CPC partners must bid above that bid floor to qualify for the auction. The network with the highest bid wins the auction, and the click is routed through that network. Any conversion that may occur is also credited to the winning network.

Sovrn’s predictive rate modeling ensures that every click returns the highest possible EPC — and it all happens without any additional work for the publisher. Simply send a click through Sovrn Commerce and we’ll find the optimal partner to earn the highest possible yield.

But wait… there’s more!

Because of Sovrn’s extensive merchant relationships, our Yield Optimization Tool also unlocks a diverse set of CPC budgets that aren’t available through other sub-affiliate networks. So not only can you earn more affiliate revenue with Sovrn, you’ll also expand your merchant coverage. 

Yield Optimization is unlike anything else on the market today. Very few technology partners offer this type of tool for maximizing affiliate revenue, because building out full auction functionality requires a significant investment of time and resources. So when you work with Sovrn Commerce, you get access to cutting edge technology to take your affiliate program to the next level. 

Real-life results with Yield Optimization

Online gifting service Elfster experienced the power of Sovrn’s Yield Optimization tool first-hand during the busy holiday season. Simply by leveraging Sovrn Commerce — with Yield Optimization running in the background — the Elfster team saw higher bids for affiliate traffic, plus new opportunities for deals with top merchants like Macy’s, Target, Nike, and Kohl’s. This led to a significant boost in their affiliate results for Q4 2023, including:


increase in EPCs (including both CPC and CPA)


increase in overall revenue


new merchants monetized

“Sovrn has played a critical role in forging partnerships that eluded connection on other platforms. We have been able to connect with key brands such as Nike and Target.”

— Meghan Tealdi, Merchandising Manager, Elfster

All your demand in one place

Yield Optimization is currently connected to more than 50 affiliate networks, including top names like Rakuten, Impact, and more. Accessing all these demand partners on your own would require creating a separate account for each individual network — but Yield Optimization puts it all in one convenient tool. 

Don’t see your preferred demand source listed? Let us know! We’re constantly expanding our partner integrations.

Start earning more with Sovrn Commerce

Yield Optimization is just one of the many ways Sovrn can help drive more revenue from your affiliate marketing program. If you’re not already using Sovrn Commerce, sign up now! Once you’re approved, you can start earning right away. 

If you’re currently working with Sovrn Commerce for your affiliate marketing, feel free to reach out with questions. Our support team is standing by to help you reach your revenue goals.

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